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ACS800-104/-104LC – inverter module


ACS800-104/-104LC – inverter module

ACS800-104/-104LC – inverter module

Use your multidrive modules to build high performance for optimized cabinet fit

These 3-phase inverter modules have the flexibility to fit into your own cabinets. They can be parallel connected to produce higher powers. Built-in redundancy allows you to run the drive at partial load, even when one of the modules is not operating. The inverter modules include capacitors that smooth the voltage of the DC busbars in multidrive configurations. Available as air and liquid-cooled variants


  • Power range 1.1 to 2900 kW
  • For building into customer’s cabinet
  • IP00 enclosure class
  • High power density
  • Bookshelf design
  • Fast connectors enabling easy motor cabling
  • Self-adjusting cooling fan

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