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About us

We are a supplier of industrial automation drive products in shenzhen, China. Siemens, ABB, Schenider, allen-bradley drive products are our main advantages. We have a huge supply chain of industrial products in China, more than 39999 products are in inventory at any time, waiting for your order.


我们是一家工业自动化驱动产品供应商在中国深圳,Siemens, ABB, Schenider, Allen-Bradley 驱动类产品是我们的主营优势。我们有一个庞大的工业产品供应链在中国,超过一次39999件产品在库存当中,随时等待您的下单指令。

Main Supply

We main supply DC Drives from single-quadrant DC converter and Four quadrant DC converte.

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Siemens DC Drive we supply,Sinamics DCM, SIMOREG DC Master


We supply ABB DCS800 DC Drives, and also supply Spare parts for DCS400 DCS600

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