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Siemens SIMOREG DC Master Drive
Siemens DC Drives 6RA70 1Q~4Q 90A~2500A Drives Best price and accept ordering.
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Siemens SINAMICS DCM 6RA80 Series 280A 600A 850A 1200A 1500A 2000A best price and big stokc
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Siemens Drive Automation
Siemens industry Drives SIMOREG 6RA70, SINAMICS DCM 6RA80, SIMOVERT VC/MC/MD 6SE70][
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We are specialized in Five brands: AC/DC Speed Regulation for 20 years,DC Drive/DC Converters

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ACS800-04M-0610-7 General Information Global Commercial Alias: ACS800-04M-0610-7 Product ID: 68279836 ABB Type Designation: ACS800-04M-0610-7 Catalog Description: ACS800-04M-0610-7 Pcont.max:560kW, Icont.max:560A Country


ACS800-04M-0550-7 General Information Global Commercial Alias: ACS800-04M-0550-7 Product ID: 68279810 ABB Type Designation: ACS800-04M-0550-7 Catalog Description: ACS800-04M-0550-7 Pcont.max:500kW, Icont.max:488A Country


ACS800-04M-0490-7 General Information Global Commercial Alias: ACS800-04M-0490-7 Product ID: 68238200 ABB Type Designation: ACS800-04M-0490-7 Catalog Description: ACS800-04M-0490-7 Pcont.max:450kW, Icont.max:445A Country


ACS800-04M-0440-7 General Information Global Commercial Alias: ACS800-04M-0440-7 Product ID: 68279801 ABB Type Designation: ACS800-04M-0440-7 Catalog Description: ACS800-04M-0440-7 Pcont.max:400kW, Icont.max:396A Country


ACS800-04M-0400-7 General Information Global Commercial Alias: ACS800-04M-0400-7 Product ID: 68279798 ABB Type Designation: ACS800-04M-0400-7 Catalog Description: ACS800-04M-0400-7 Pcont.max:355kW, Icont.max:353A Country


ACS800-04M-0320-7 General Information Global Commercial Alias: ACS800-04M-0320-7 Product ID: 68279780 ABB Type Designation: ACS800-04M-0320-7 Catalog Description: ACS800-04M-0320-7 Pcont.max:315kW, Icont.max:315A Country


ACS800-04M-0260-7 General Information Global Commercial Alias: ACS800-04M-0260-7 Product ID: 68279747 ABB Type Designation: ACS800-04M-0260-7 Catalog Description: ACS800-04M-0260-7 Pcont.max:200kW, Icont.max:230A Country


ACS800-04M-0210-7 General Information Global Commercial Alias: ACS800-04M-0210-7 Product ID: 68279682 ABB Type Designation: ACS800-04M-0210-7 Catalog Description: ACS800-04M-0210-7 Pcont.max:160kW, Icont.max:203A Country

About the DCS Centers is an automation and control company specializing in dc transmission products of Siemens and an elite business team of aotewell. Has been committed to dc products, dc speed regulation, dc products have a very large application, used in the factory steel, stabbing machine, stay car, shield machine, tram, high-speed rail, dc products are very large lift acceleration force, is the ac speed regulation products can not be replaced. Control current range from 2A to 5000A.

We are specialized in AC/DC Speed Regulation for 20 years,DC Drive/DC Converter

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