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General description
Technical data overview
Customer benefits
Typical applications

General description

With SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet, users now also have ready-to-connect drive cabinets at their disposal. The SINAMICS DC MASTER DC Converter is the core of the cabinet, with its scalability in many areas, such as computational performance, field power supply, armature power supply and interfaces.
The basic version of SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet already includes all of the components required to supply a DC motor with energy from the three-phase line supply. It is ready-to-connect and can be immediately commissioned from the AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel.
In addition to the options of the DC converter, the SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet has numerous cabinet options and can therefore be optimally adapted to widest range of requirements and situations.
Optionally, adaptations can be made regarding the ambient conditions or the available auxiliary power supply, for example. Further, in the basic version, the cabinet can be used as basis for project-specific modifications; here, there are hardly any restrictions regarding customer requirements, from simply rounding-off a standard option up to an expanded power rating or special application.


With SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet units, flexibility and standardized quality have been merged to create a converter cabinet system. As a result of the wide range of options, the cabinet can be optimally adapted to individual requirements. Further, the use of standardized production techniques and components ensure short delivery times.

Ready-to-connect and switch-on

The basic version of SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet is ready to be connected and switched-on. As a consequence, the engineering and commissioning times as well as plant downtimes can be simply shortened – and the functionality is guaranteed as a result of the components that are optimally harmonized with one another.

Supply for the motor fan

The power supply for the external fan of the DC motor is already included in the basic version, including the motor protection circuit breaker. By selecting the appropriate option, the setting values of the motor protection circuit breaker can be adapted to the motor.

Flexible when selecting the auxiliary power supply

SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet units can be universally and flexibly used over wide voltage ranges. The ability to adapt to the existing control voltage is especially interesting when it comes to modernizing existing plants. The auxiliary voltage of the converter cabinet is appropriately adapted by specifying the line supply voltage available. If a separate auxiliary power supply is not available, then this is taken from the cabinet.

EMC zone concept

Thanks to its EMC zone concept, the SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet is admirably suited for industrial environments – regarding ruggedness against disturbing influences and its low noise emission.
The zone concept refers to the spatial arrangement of the components installed in the cabinet. These include electrical/electronic devices, but especially also cables for power and signals, which can be either interference sources or also interference sinks. One feature of this concept is that cables are separately routed and high-frequency low-ohmic connections are used. In order that this concept can also be maintained on the plant side, the customer interfaces – which are easy to access – not only have suitable terminals and shield bars, but also sufficient space so that cable shields can be connected according to the appropriate specifications.
The drive cabinet, designed and implemented according to this concept, ensures disturbance-free operation regarding electromagnetic compatibility.

Monitoring the temperature inside the drive cabinet

In the field, the availability of a drive is frequently influenced by changing ambient conditions:

Additional external heat sources in the environment can increase the air intake temperature

An unusually high degree of pollution in the air can block the air intake filter

Subsequently equipping the drive cabinet with devices with a high power loss puts additional load on the cabinet cooling

These effects can be detected at an early stage and countermeasures applied in time by monitoring the temperature inside the drive cabinet using a PTC sensor.

Easy access to individual components and customer interfaces

In spite of the compact design, the individual components are transparently arranged in the SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet, and are easy to access. Especially the terminals are arranged so that there is sufficient space for installation and fixing cables. The signal cables are also combined and routed to terminals in the lower section of the cabinet.

Type tested

It goes without saying that the SINAMICS DC MASTER Cabinet units are type-tested cabinets. The exhaustive testing, for example, regarding the mechanical and electrical strength as well as temperature rise, clearly verifies our high quality claims.


In addition to the manuals for the SINAMICS DC MASTER, it goes without saying that a circuit diagram and a terminal diagram are also supplied. The diagrams are individually generated and precisely represent the state of the converter cabinets when shipped. These diagrams can also be provided in a digital form so that customers can integrate them into CAE systems.

Special project-specific solutions

In addition to 12-pulse series and 12-pulse parallel connections, solutions can also be created to expand the power rating or for applications in the medium voltage range. Depending on the actual requirement, the converter cabinet is either based on the SINAMICS DC MASTER DC Converter – or on the Control Module and a separate power unit.

Customer benefits

The plant or system availability is increased by being able to quickly and simply exchange components. Components that can be exchanged have been designed so that they can be quickly and simply replaced. The spare parts that are available – assigned to the serial number of the cabinet – can always be viewed online.

Simple commissioning and parameterization:
Menu-prompted at the AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel with graphics-capable LCD display and plain text display or PC-supported using the “STARTER” commissioning tool of the SINAMICS family

Simple integration into automation solutions:
e.g. using the PROFIBUS communication interface provided as standard together with various analog and digital interfaces as well as PROFINET

Immediately ready-to-connect:
All of the terminals are easy to access and the documentation supplied contains detailed circuit diagrams and terminal diagrams, which also secure a high plant availability

High degree of adaptation and optimum support for versions to meet specific applications:
For example, for 12-pulse applications, redundant operation or increased power ratings

Typical applications
DC drive technology: Dynamic, rugged and cost-effective

Depending on the particular application, DC drives are frequently the most favorably-priced drive solution with many advantages when it comes to reliability, operator friendliness and operating behavior. Just as before, in many sectors of industry, there are many compelling technical and economic reasons to use DC drives:

Favorably-priced, four-quadrant operation

Continuous operation at low speeds

Full torque even at low speeds

High starting torque

Wide speed control range with constant power

Low space requirement and low weight


Low amount of heat dissipated in the electrical room as a result of the very high efficiency

Main applications for DC drives include:

Rolling mill drives

Wire-drawing machines

Extruders and kneaders


Elevators and crane systems

Cable railways and lifts

Mine hoists

Test stand drives

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